About Us
Red Dot has been formed by a group of passionate travel professionals who believe in experiential & sustainable tourism, have a high regard for personalization, attention to detail and offering creative programs to our destinations. We have a long history of working with our partners and have continuously provided them with top of the line services. Our name not only signifies the welcome that we guarantee but also the promise of quality & safety coupled with seamless services.

With over fifteen years of work in our destinations we have not only seen the industry grow but have been part of that very growth. We take that experience and add to it continuous learning to ensure that we are always relevant. We have worked with different markets from across the world and understand their individualities, thus tailoring our product accordingly.

Our ability to reengineer product, modernizing it while retaining its original ethos has earned us great repute. The deep understanding and respect we have for destinations has taught us how to leverage what is on offer, providing the basis for our fabulous journeys.

We understand intimately the requirements of conferences & meetings of all sizes from small high-end board meetings to large international association congresses. We have the experience of handling incentives that combine amazing experiences with fun events; we definitely push the envelope making guests participate in activities that they would either not have thought of or never attempted.

Our qualified and experienced team is part of our growth and success. They are all system oriented, self-motivated and understand the nuances of travel. They are constantly on the look out for new adventures and experiences to offer to our clients. They act as experts to our international partners to ensure that the vacations are well planned and executed. They are each empowered to take decisions and add a bit of their charisma to the product on offer.

We share fantastic relationships with vendors and suppliers through the country, who understand our passion for quality and are themselves, recognized leaders in their field.

In our little way we give back to society by identifying and working with small non-governmental organizations and individuals who are making a difference across the country. The work that they do has an immediate impact on society / wildlife, with effects that are easily discernable. In our destinations, where every penny counts, we utilize every opportunity to make a difference.