This tiny little nation ensconced by mountains, with beautiful valleys and a warm wonderful people, is a hidden jewel in the Subcontinent. Predominantly Buddhist, this country is dotted with ancient & beautiful monasteries, palaces and temples.

With the highest Happiness Index in Asia, the simplicity of the nation is carefully conserved, by regulating the number of tourists visiting the country. An erstwhile Kingdom, Bhutan adopted a democratic system of government in complete peace.

A great country for walking, Bhutan offers a plethora of amazing landscapes – mostly natural, but some, like the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, are man-made. It is a haven for photographers, adventure enthusiasts as also for those seeking peace and tranquility.

With the advent of beautiful, deluxe luxury hotels, Bhutan is today, the perfect hideaway for celebrities and high-end travelers looking to get away from it all.